Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Various Infrared Images

Cherry Orchard, Payson, UT

Salem Pond

Weeping Willows, Springville, UT

Near New River, AZ

Two shots of the same scene - First at 590nm (nanometers), the second at 950nm.

Shafer Canyon, Canyonlands Natl Park, Utah

Salem, Utah

Old Barn, Payson, UT

Salem Pond, Salem, UT

Salem Pond, UT

Ferron, UT

Springville, UT

Carbon County, UT

Helper, UT

Riverwoods Park, Provo, UT

Pinnacle Peak, Carbon County, UT

Riverwoods Park, Provo, UT

Carbon County, UT

Discovery Academy, Provo, UT

Near Moab, UT

Near Concho, Arizona

Petrified Forest Natl Park, AZ

Near Round Rock, Navajo Nation, AZ

Near Fairview, UT

Carbon County, UT

Carbon County, UT

The "Castle Gate," Price Canyon, UT

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